This year I went alone - I wanted to do the Thorung La 140km up to 5416m and then go on Chukung Ri summit (I once in my life wanted to go up a summit, 5600m)
Unfortunately I could not fly to Lukla on the second part of the trip because of the bad weather
waiting the second day on the airport waiting for the flight to be cancelled again I needed to take a decision as I was running out of time when the flight is cancelled again.
So I decided to go somewhere you can reach with a car - talking to Jhamka he quickly made a schedule for Langtang area - kind of the real Nepal whereas the Annapurna range is a bit a trekkers highway with all the guesthouses and the relatively proper ways.
I did not know what where I was going. For me it ended up in kind of a mountain troop training trek.
Now after some while I can still enjoy the rare nice moments on that second part, but with all the rain mostly it was no real fun.
If the only thing you do all day is looking down to see where you put your feet on the wet slippery muddy or rocky way, the fun stops.
Either way, when I came back I decided not to do high mountain trekking any more and sell all my equipment as it was so strenuous.
I lost 5 kg although I ate in these 4 weeks more than I regularly eat in 3 months.
Today, 2 months later, I still feel the wish to go up on Chukung Ri. We’ll see.

see the pictures here